You can access the Pacific Collections Review website here:

All resources from this project are available for free download on the National Museums Scotland website noted above.


2 thoughts on “Website

  1. Hello
    Writing a book dedicated to melanesian stones I found mention of a picture from Rvt Lawrie on Aneytum, mentionned by the linguist A Capell,, with “a chief from Futuna, with a jadeite necklace from New Caledonia”. Do you know where such picture can be located ?
    Thank you for your help
    Dr Lancrenon

    • Hi Eric, the image you are looking for is in a photo album donated by Lawrie’s daughter held by the Mitchell Library/ Library of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Rev. Lawrie also collected several of these pendants which are in collections now at National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh, and Glasgow Museums.

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